Graphic Recording

When I am graphic recording (scribing) my main goal is to listen, synthesize, and visually capture content discussed or presented during an event. I have 1-2 planning calls with my client to understand their goals for including a graphic recorder, and to make sure I understand expectations. I am a (quiet) partner and resource to the facilitator or person running the event. During the event, my graphic recording (scribing) on large format paper (4' x 8') will have a combination of text and illustrations.

After the event: 

  • Large format poster(s) for you to keep (group memory)

  • Digital images provided (clean photoshop files)

  • Share with colleagues, groups, and the public (online)

Visual Process Facilitation

As a visual process facilitator, my relationship with the client is more involved because not only am I capturing key content visually during the event, I am also working with you to design the process, facilitate the event, and make sure your next steps are clear. We have a few planning calls (and emails back and forth) as we co-create an agenda that will help your group reach its’ goals, think about how to make the most of the pre-drawn visuals, and make sure the space will support the group to do their best thinking and engagement. During the meeting, I am facilitating the process, checking in to make sure we’re on track, and scribing content visually, but often these visuals have more words than pictures as I’m balancing both the scribing and guiding the team discussion. 

After the event:

  • Large format poster(s) for you to keep (action steps)

  • Digital images provided (clean photoshop files)

  • Share with colleagues, groups, stakeholders

  • Short summary and suggested outcomes

Illustration - Studio Work

I can create studio pieces and custom infographics in large format, hand-drawn visuals or vector-based work. We can collaborate based on your data, information, text, and I can then synthesize visuals based on the supplied content.


  • Push chart (infographic)

  • Visual strategic plans

  • Illustrations

  • Diagrams

What Are Your Rates?

Below are general ballpark quotes for graphic recording (scribing) and visual process facilitation; to discuss rates and for other services please contact me anytime.

  • Half-day Event* - $600 CDN

  • Full-day Event* - $1000+ CDN

  • Two-Three Day Events* - $2500 - 3800+ CDN

50% upfront to reserve dates with remainder plus expenses due upon completion.

*not included additional costs

  • pre-event time (agenda design concept(s), interview/meeting, preparation and organization of materials).

  • post-event time (photography, reporting, and any additional push charts).

  • travel, accommodation, mileage etc.

  • taxes where required.